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We understand that there is a disconnect that exists between the classic architectural process and hands-on fabrication. A designer sitting at a desk can model something in 3-dimensions, but they don’t have the benefit of being informed by the actual making of the part. Though we still sketch and make models, modus shop gives us the ability to feed off the prototyping process and to fabricate things we really believe in. We are constantly improving, and that’s something that is deeply important to our office. We typically come to our clients with an idea for a project we feel really strongly about. Everything is custom, created on a project by project basis.

As a design studio, we draw constant inspiration from Fayetteville’s creative culture and have made a renewed commitment to engage in the community in our craft through a series of modus + community events. By opening our shop and studio to the public on a quarterly basis for educational lectures, hands on workshops, and professional collaborations, we hope to position ourselves as a generator of artistic expression in our own studio and the community at large.

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